Serenity of COVID-19

Heading south, onto Wya Point. Some firewood and ashes from last night’s bonfire, most probably.

Florencia Bay – Just before reaching Wya Point.

We took the short boardwalk trail to Half Moon Bay, where we ate some paninis.

These boards are no wider than a meter, and can only allow one-way traffic. Out of nowhere, an elderly couple came down rushing to our direction, while we were in a spot that was choked by thick thorny brushes on either sides. Cornered, we decided to stop and let them pass; but they were close enough to notice someone forgot to use some deodorant. None of use had anything on around our nose and mouth. It’s the same moment of panic when someone joins you at the elevator and neither of you have masks.

Being outdoors–where it’s breezy–does physical distancing shrink from 6 feet to just about your personal space? When one has encroached your COVID-19 distance, do you growl and show your fangs? Or do you just hold your breath until they are further away or until you couldn’t hold it no more? Or is it best to just pretend COVID-19 virus wasn’t there–so that no has to do anything. Awkward!

Author: Mind Crib

A computer analyst working in rainy downtown Vancouver who sees infinite joy and wisdom in surroundings, looming dark clouds or without.

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