Guilty pleasures about sirens

It’s Tuesday night and the body has fully adjusted again to sitting in front of 3 monitors all day, unlike yesterday.  Lunch was at 11:30, before the foodcourt start teeming with hungry office workers. First breakfast was oat porridge with dried dates and the second breakfast was 1 cup of cherries in the office. Back to the daily grind. A typical work day. But wait! I hear no firetruck sirens? Now that is highly irregular.

Making a beeline from the office to Old Navy, I walked past a group of young ESL (English as Secondary Language) students “lazily” crossing the busy West Georgia and Granville intersection–slowing me down. Then I suddenly wished the big firetrucks would alert and startle them to quicken the pace.

Since Saturday, downtown Vancouver has been less noisy. Almost no firetruck siren on the streets. Firefighters are busy fighting the wild forest fires in the interior regions of our province, British Columbia.

It felt conveniently easy to be thankful it’s quiet. But shame on me for having the guilty pleasure. Firetrucks and volunteer firefighters are risking their lives while I wickedly wish they would stay away from the city…until I’ve watched the first episode of Game of Thrones season 7 on July 16th.

Need to catch some sleep.





Author: Mind Crib

A computer analyst working in rainy downtown Vancouver who sees infinite joy and wisdom in surroundings, looming dark clouds or without.

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