Serenity of COVID-19

After a long sunny day, a young woman plays her uke while watching the lazy late-afternoon waves kissing the shores of Long Beach, Ucluelet, BC, Canada.

On any other summer day, the beach would be teeming with surfers, skimboarders, kite flyers, kiteboarders, sunbathers, sunscreen-toting moms chasing their little ones, beach combers, beachside campers, tourists and locals who just want to detach and unwind.

The sparsely populated Long Beach is due to the vast 23km stretch, which connects parts of Ucluelet and Tofino. Segments of rocky beach lines and cove pockets lend good spots for enjoying the beach, the surf, wildlife and the free-spirited vibe of Vancouver Island to your liking.

My summer at the beach was little more ‘awkward’ than nostalgic–if I’m being honest–having been to Long Beach last year, before I had to safely distance from everyone or wear a face mask while lining up for a seat at a bistro.

Author: Mind Crib

A computer analyst working in rainy downtown Vancouver who sees infinite joy and wisdom in surroundings, looming dark clouds or without.

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