Vancouver Celebrates Christmas

I volunteered to snap photos of Vancouver City donned in Christmas decors and ornaments for our company’s social media feeds on how Christmas is celebrated in our various office cities.

PHOTO below: Since I pass by this intersection everyday, it was easily the apple of my eye, considering it had the tallest Christmas tree in and around the block (at 76 feet tall).


The tree was gated–just to protect it from being run into–but with some nicely added trimmings at the top. PHOTO below:


Moments later, a bunch of young girls gathered around the tree as instructed by their teacher.


And soon, the tree was alone again, standing in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery.Vancouver_XmasTree_ArtGallery

With everyone striving to be politically correct, it appears that our city has achieved this virtue. If I look at the photo above, it really is just a lighted tree, with some red ribbon trimmings. Note: No baubles, no angels, not even a Santa Claus. How strange!

Weeks later, a menorah candelabrum was installed next to the Christmas tree–and equally as large, that one would think you are standing on the table a giant and everyone standing the size of salt and pepper shakers.

Quite noticeably, the ornaments are not that many no more, including street performances to celebrate Christmas–a stark difference against religiously neutral Quebec city! Having been there in December last year, it was at least visually pleasing and was far from drab.

Will post my photos and what I think of Montreal and Quebec when it’s -15C and snowing on a Christmas season.

Until then.

Author: Mind Crib

A computer analyst working in rainy downtown Vancouver who sees infinite joy and wisdom in surroundings, looming dark clouds or without.

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