a grip on fleeting moments

Often, I wonder, how much we remember and what makes it stick. Life may unfold in a barrage of events, only to leave us dumbfounded until we make sense of it.

As an avid traveller and storyteller, sharing my recent trip or gig offers a chance to influence people’s views. Here I am, a person who has fingers on the slow-motion button–a grip on fleeting moments.

Vancouver has lent its diverse and unique cultural experience to bolster my inspiration to get behind the camera and snap photos. But the cities and cultures around the world has lit an inexhaustible desire to experience a “borrowed reality”.

This website is put together to share my interaction with family, friends, colleagues, clients, acquaintances as well as my travelogues in the hopes of providing you with a vicarious experience.

As this is my maiden post, I wish to welcome you to have a peek of my thoughts and views–and the stories behind a digital life.





Author: Mind Crib

A computer analyst working in rainy downtown Vancouver who sees infinite joy and wisdom in surroundings, looming dark clouds or without.

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